Early humans showcased the ability to learn about discoveries, innovation, and ideas from past great scientists and thinkers (Ormrod, Schunk, & Gredler, 2009). Theses characteristics humans apart from other species (Ormrod, Schunk, & Gredler, 2009). As Instructional Designers, the influence of peer adaption of servers as a resource for designing educational content. Three resources featured below offer valuable contributions to instructional design and learning processes.

IDC (Instructional Design Central) provides instructional and learning design-related information from over 18,000 instructional design professionals (Instructional Design Central (IDC)). Design models, learning theories, planning, and technology are all discussed throughout the role of an instructional designer. Professionals have contributed templates to inspire collaboration. This resource also offers career-related advice and tools for ID job seekers. Instructional designers can use the knowledge and tools from IDC professionals to advance their facilitation of learning by research and trials.

Learning Solutions is a leading publication providing a perspective that is professional eLearning centric (Learning Solutions, n.d.). Working professionals offer solution-oriented information to make educated business decisions to ensure effective learning solutions (Learning Solutions, n.d.). The navigation to relevant content is simplified using baseline concepts such as technology, development, and management. Each of the professional contributors offers challenges and how they navigated a pathway to success.

Network-based media and publishing company eLearning Industry is the largest knowledge-sharing platform design for professionals and instructional designers (eLearning Industry, 2020). eLearning Industry offers insight on knowledge trends, project help, job-seeking tools. This platform provides a solution for professionals to engage in current affairs by contributing their thoughts, creating a safe online community (eLearning Industry, 2020).


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